Frak! Katee Sackhoff Will Solve Crimes in Wyoming in Longmire

A&E Channel LogoI’m a sucker for movies or TV shows about big city slickers (especially ones with badges) being transplanted to small towns. The culture clash that results is usually pretty entertaining.

Now make that city slicker a former “Battlestar Galactica” badass in Katee Sackoff, playing a Philadelphia cop “transferred” to fight small-town crimes in a Wyoming town, and there should be a couple of nifty episodes where her big city ways clash with the town’s small town ways. Hilarity, as they say, ensues.

That’s essentially the premise of Sackoff’s first major TV work since “BSG” went off the air. Besides roles in the “Bionic Woman” reboot and a ridiculous turn as the world’s worst written character in the last season of “24”, Sackhoff will be taking the lead in “Longmire” for A&E. The show is from the producers of TNT’s crime procedural “The Closer”, also about a strong woman leading the charge against crime.

Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Phillips will also star with Sackhoff.

Katee Sackhoff