Francis Lawrence Updates I am Legend Prequel

If you were still holding out hope that Warner Bros. and Will Smith would ditch the idea of making a prequel to “I am Legend” and doing a straightforward sequel instead, let me be the first to dash your hopes. It’s been known for a while now that the Powers That Be (in this case, Big Willy) wants to do a prequel that would resurrect his Robert Neville character, and the only way that would seem possible (as Neville got himself blown up at the end of the first movie) would be to go backwards in time. This, apparently, is the only logical way to bring back Neville, although you have to wonder: this is a movie about vampires, so what does “logic” have to do with it?

Anyways, here’s what “I am Legend” director Francis Lawrence told Sci Fi Wire about the prequel and where he and star Will Smith currently stands:

“Yeah, if we figure out the story, I’m absolutely involved in the prequel. … We’ve had conversations. The three of us, Will and Akiva [Goldsmith] and I, have sat down and talked, and there’s a writer that’s working on it right now. So we came up with the bones of a story, and now we’re waiting to see a script.”

The script he’s currently waiting for is being written by one D.B. Weiss, and will take place before the events of “I am Legend”. Let’s hope they all come to their senses and lose the idea when the script lands, having realized that a straightforward sequel would be the better direction to take. Hell, put it on DVD if they have to, but dear God, no more pointless prequels, please!

Below: “Daddy, why does the bad man want to make a pointless prequel?”