Francis Lawrence Updates the Constantine and I am Legend Sequels

That prequel to Will Smith’s “I am Legend”? Pretty much dead, says Francis Lawrence, the film’s director, and who until now had been attached to the prequel. Which is surprising, considering that the movie (despite middling reviews by critics) still managed to power itself to a $585 million dollar worldwide box office, with $256 of that coming from Stateside moviegoers. It just goes to show you the power of Will Smith’s box office draw, and why a direct sequel wouldn’t have worked because, well, it would have involved going on without Smith.

Speaking to MTV, Lawrence had this to say about the status of the horror/post-apocalyptic movie:

No, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

Oh well. I’m sick and tired of prequels anyway, especially when you already know what happens to the main character eventually.

Lawrence, though, was more hopeful about the “Constantine” sequel with Keanu Reeves. He sounds like he’s still gung-ho about eventually doing an “R” rated sequel (the first one was PG-13), or at least, he doesn’t come right out and dismisses it like he did the “I am Legend” prequel, which should give all you “Constantine” fans hope. There’s still plenty of “Constantine” movie fans out there, right?