Frank Darabont Says No Second Season for Walking Dead Yet, Threatens Suicide

Yesterday we heard that AMC was so happy with their new TV show “The Walking Dead” (despite the fact that it hasn’t even aired yet) that they’ve already greenlit it for a longer second season, and that production on said second season was scheduled for February 2011.

Apparently that’s news to the show’s producer and the pilot’s writer/director Frank Darabont, who tells AICN that there is no such official order from AMC, and that if he had to get right back to work on the show by February he’d “rather shoot myself”.

Now, now, Frank, don’t go doing something nuts now.

The first season of “The Walking Dead” premieres Halloween of this year. It has a 6-episode order, probably just enough to establish the world and “walkers” and get fanboys salivating for a second season.

Frank Darabont. Hopefully not putting a gun to his head.