Frank Darabont to Rewrite Godzilla (Plus Behind-the-Scenes Drama)


Frank DarabontLooks like buildings are being toppled and people are fleeing screaming behind-the-scenes in “Godzilla”. But right now, the big news is that Frank Darabont (of all those Stephen King adaptations and “The Walking Dead” fame) has boarded the big-budget monster movie to rewrite the script by Max Borenstein.

The film is already scheduled to start production this March, and honestly, I don’t know what it says about the project that the studio still feels it needs a major rewrite with two months til things start rolling and real money starts getting spent. I mean, you’re not going to hire a guy like Darabont and make a big stink about it if he’s just going to punch up dialogue or scenes, right?

Still, it’s Darabont, so it can only be good.

Speaking of kicking up stink, looks like the action behind-the-scenes of “Godzilla” is getting pretty interesting, too. Deadline reports that original producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee are being ousted, and though earlier reports in the week had the split being amicable, this isn’t the case at all. In fact, the whole thing might now end up in court. Mind you, not that I think “Godzilla” losing a couple of producers is more important than a guy like Darabont boarding the project, but in case you were curious about what was going on, this is one of them.

Gareth Edwards (of “Monsters” fame) is still attached to direct “Godzilla”, so that’s a plus. The big green lizard is also still set to breathe new atomic life into theaters on May 16, 2014.

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  • Dedpool

    This could be crazy!!!

  • Debo4735

    My favorite Godzilla is the one with Matthew Broderick, now that was like a realistic take on the big green lizard.

    • Kingswood

      If you are being serious with that comment, you need to be killed…killed with fire

  • Arthur

    Hopefully Toho is still involved in some form. Godzilla (Gojira) has to be done right. The opening scene with Godzilla attacking Japan in the film “Always Sunset on Third Street 2″ should be how Godzilla is done. In that film, Godzilla even had the ALL WHITE EYES like he did in Shusuke Kaneko’s “Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack” (2001). DO NOT MAKE GODZILLA AS SOME MISUNDERSTOOD BEAST. Make him the terror and nightmare that he was in “Gojira” (1954) and GMK (2001).