Frank Martin Will be Doing More Transporting. And Again. And Again.

Jason Statham as Frank Martin in The Transporter

I marveled in my review of 2008’s “The Transporter 3” that underworld thugs were still hiring Jason Statham’s Frank Martin to ferry their ill-got loots for them, especially after the guy has purposefully ruined two previous transporting assignments because of his conscience. You’d think this little “conscience” thing would get around the bad guy circuit, but apparently not, because people keep on hiring ol Frank Martin to do their transporting for them, only to get royally screwed as a result. What a bunch of numbnuts.

The Transporter (2002) Movie PosterIf Luc Besson has his way, Martin will be doing another transporting gig. And another one. And yet another one after that. Yup, the prolific French director/producer and his EuraCorp have signed on the dotted line with Chinese partners to co-fund and co-distribute three more “Transporter” movies in the coming years, which each movie expected to be in the $30 to $40 million dollar range.

The question now is: will Jason Statham return?

Frankly, I don’t see why he wouldn’t return. Let’s face it, as much as I like Statham, every role he’s done has basically been a slight variation on his Frank Martin character, with the exception being his “Expendables” role where he’s not the main star. Coming back for three more “Transporter” gigs, easily his most successful franchise to date where he’s the main lead, is a no-brainer.

The first “Transporter” began its motoring ways all the way back in 2002. It’s spawned two sequels since, with the last one coming in 2008. There is also a TV show based on the movies airing internationally (with another actor in the title role), but I’ve yet to see the show Stateside.

Via : Variety