Frank Miller Update: Batman vs. Al Qaeda, Sin City 2, The Spirit

I don’t think Frank Miller has done anything that I haven’t loved, or at least, liked a whole lot. He’s just a great writer, period, comic books notwithstanding. I even found some snippets of “Robocop 2”, which he co-wrote the screenplay for, to be damn near brilliant stuff. The guys over at Rotten Tomatoes caught up with Frank at the Cannes Film Festival, and they have some news on almost every front that Frank is currently working in, including the oft-talked about (but as yet unseen) “Batman vs. Al Qaeda” graphic novel, aka “Holy Terror, Batman!”

So, what’s the deal with “Batman vs. Al Qaeda”? I’ve been dying to see this thing since it was announced eons ago.

Still, work proceeds at pace on Miller’s new graphic novel, rather controversially called “Batman vs. Al Qaeda.” “It’s bound to offend just about everybody,” Miller laughed, “I’m about 100 pages into it and I’ve got fifty more to go.”

Sweet. He’s 3/4ths of the way there (unless my math is off). Although I’m still wondering if the book will be called “Holy Terror, Batman!” or “Batman vs. Al Qaeda”. I would prefer the latter, as the former just sounds too corny.

And what about “Sin City 2”, which has been mentioned as being potentially delayed, and possibly not even happened at all according to Michael Madsen?

“Sin City 2 is still likely to happen,” says Miller, “just not right away. The script is written and Robert and I are raring to go, but it looks like I’m going to be doing The Spirit first and Robert’s going to be doing Barbarella first.”

So Frank is going to tackle “The Spirit” first, while Rodriguez will take on the “Barbarella” remake. The piece also mentions that Rodriguez’s marriage is falling apart. That’s a damn shame. I have a copy of Rodriguez’s “Rebel Without a Crew”, where he talks about making “El Mariachi”, and in it he mentions his wife and producing partner Elizabeth quite a lot. I feel for Rodriguez there, the guy seems like a genuinely real and cool person, and you hate to hear things like that about him.

RT also got giddy about Frank Miller potentially shooting “The Spirit” in 3D:

But, by far the most interesting revelation in our time with Miller was his passion for a certain filmmaking technology… “I saw U2 3D and I thought that the 3D effects were not just remarkable but historic. I think that’s going to be the way to go for a lot of features and I think people are going to get used to the funky glasses before long. It’s just astonishing, what they’ve developed, and I think they’ve ushered in a new era for 3D.”

So could this be the biggest hint at what we have in store for “The Spirit?” Miller didn’t say for certain, but the notion has us excited. “Plans to do my own 3D film are forming in my head,” he teased, “and they were within ten minutes of when the movie started; it’s that good.

So there you go, our Frank Miller update.

Frank Miller Update: Batman vs. Al Qaeda Comic Book, Sin City 2, The Spirit, Barbarella Remake