Frank Miller Updates 300 Sequel, Sin City 2, Hard-Boiled, Martha Washington

While doing the promotional rounds for his make-or-break directorial gig “The Spirit”, Frank Miller was asked about two of his upcoming projects — the sequel to “Sin City” and “300”, and an adaptation of his “Hard Boiled” and “Martha Washington” comic books. Of the four, the only property Miller has done that I haven’t been too wild about is “Martha Washington”. Okay, so I probably read an issue or two of somewhere in the ’90s during the haze of Punisher cameos, but never got enough into it to actually read the whole shebang. In any case, here’s what Miller had to say about all four would-be movies.

On “Sin City 2” to MTV:

“I’ve written ‘Sin City 2.’ Its all written. Now we’re just working out the mechanics of getting it there. Marv is in there and I hope it’s Mickey Rourke. I’ve got my Ava, but I really don’t want to talk about casting because it could end up being somebody else and I wouldn’t want to insult her.”

Marv is in it. Hurray! Sure, Marv died in the first movie, but that never stopped the character from showing up in all those one-shots and guest-spots in the other “Sin City” comic book tales. But who will be Ava Lord? Will it be Rachel Weisz, Angelina Jolie, or Rose McGowan? Knowing Miller, he’s probably leaning towards Jolie. She definitely seems like his kind of gal.

Regardless of whoever they get to play Ava Lord, they better not forget about the big bad bastard in the pic to your top right. And yes, I could do without the Jessica Alba stripper girl who doesn’t actually do any stripping. What a crock.


On “Hard-Boiled”, not to be confused with the John Woo shoot-a-ton starring Chow Yun Fat:

“‘Hard Boiled’ is in development,” said Miller, of his book which followed a grizzled android detective. “But being in development isn’t the same as being on the marquee.”

Translation: Probably not gonna happen, unless Miller’s “The Spirit” blows up big time, and Hollywood rushes to grab anything with his name on it.

Even if the above happens, I can’t really see the movie working on the big screen. Although the comic book series is not the John Woo movie, Miller did say back then that the whole thing was an inspired take on Woo’s hyper violent movies. In Woo’s version of “Hard Boiled”, the film’s two main characters kill about a hundred or so bad guys (give or take a couple of innocent bystanders) in a hospital shoot-out. The comic book was kind of like that, which is why I don’t see it happening on the big screen. I mean, how do you translate something like the below?

Then again, I never thought they could do a “300” or “Sin City”, either, and those two turned out gangbusters.

But anyways, has anyone thought about making “Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot” (below)? Kids would love that one. I mean, it’s got a big robot guy and a little boy robot guy! I smell franchise!


Onto the dilly-yo with “Martha Washington”. SuperheroHype got that one:

“I think Martha Washington is begging to happen,” he said when asked how the changing times might affect how people viewed that politically-tinged sci-fi story, especially considering how Zack Snyder intentionally set the forthcoming Watchmen in the ’80s. “The thing is that Martha Washington starts in 1995, but it really doesn’t kick off until about 2010.”

“It’s just a matter of finding the right venue, because Martha Washington isn’t a movie, it’s a series,” he continued. “It would have to be like 12 episodes to fit the whole story in. I would not let it be truncated.”

Translation: “Probably not gonna happen.”


And finally, on that (God, I can’t believe I’m typing this) “300” sequel:

“I’ve written a story that’s not a prequel… It’s definitely a further story in the Greco-Persian Wars, and it involves some of the same characters but I’m not sure exactly how far along it’ll get and again, until it’s on a marquee, I don’t believe in it.”

Okay, that actually sounds kinda doable. It’s a sequel, yes, but it’s really another movie set in the same universe as “300”. Since he put it that way, yeah, this could work. Plus, Snyder has already said he won’t touch a sequel without Miller’s involvement. Thank God, because if I hear about another prequel to a movie about a hero that dies at the end of the original, I’m gonna scream.

Below: “If you’re a good boy, maybe you’ll grow up and be in a sequel. Now wouldn’t that be nice?”