Frank Miller’s Holy Terror Finally Scheduled for This September


Check out some fresh black-and-white artwork for Frank Miller’s long-in-development “Holy Terror” one-shot, 109-page graphic novel, which is coming to a comic book shop near you this September. Originally called “Holy Terror, Batman!” (and originally a Batman comic book before it, well, wasn’t anymore), the comic is Miller’s reaction to the 9/11 attacks, and yes, was scheduled well over a decade ago. Well, a decade later and the comic is now scheduled to be published by Legendary Comics later this year. Will it meet that deadline? Hopefully, but given the comic’s history, I wouldn’t be surprised if it got pushed back. Hopefully not, but don’t be surprise if it happens.

The LATimes’ Hero Complex have published some artwork from “Holy Terror”, which sorta still looks like Batman, but, um, kinda not. Sort of. The hero is a costumed vigilante called The Fixer, who Miller calls “a two-fisted Dirty Harry type” and more “man of action” than the Detective that Batman is. And as you can see, he’s also got a feline-esque female sidekick.

Look for it this September. (Or not.)

Author: Nix

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  • whatafy

    I’ll definitely look for it. Don’t know where, as I guess in Romania it won’t appear.

  • Preacher

    If this has any flavor of either his DK2 or All-Star Batman & Robin rhetoric, it will only highlight his decline from being a relevant writer. Obviously, like all other mediums, if a piece of work has been on the shelf for that long, that a significant indication of the quality of the work. I wouldn’t expect too much out of this piece of banal exposition.

    • Dedpool

      While I too was disappointed in TDK2 and “All Star Batman and Robin” those were seen more as follow ups to “TDKR” where this is his own character now since DC didn’t want him to use the character in this story, much the way “Irredemable” is Superman. I do wish that he could’ve vome up with s different look for the character. I look forward to this, and the “300” sequel comic. Also this didn’t just sit on a shelf, he’s been working on it off anf on between jobs. The comics and movies got in the way.

  • Adampedrone_8

    you the man Frank!!!!!!!

  • Adampedrone_8

    you the man Frank!!!!!!!