Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns Scheduled for Animated Cinematic Glory

Over at Comic Con, fans got to see the full “Batman: Year One” animated movie, the latest in D.C./Warner Bros.’ line of original animated movies based on D.C.’s two powerhouse characters, Batman and Superman. So what can we expect further along the line? According to executive producer Bruce Timm (via IGN), you can expect lots and lots more Batman. And, of course, Superman.

Besides the already announced “Justice League: Doom”, after that will be the Superman story “Superman vs. The Elite”, and finally … Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”!

Timm says “Returns” will be a two-parter, and promises that it will be “very faithful” to Miller’s limited series comic book from the ’80s. For those who have never taken “The Dark Knight Returns” for a spin, the comic posited a future Gotham where Batman has retired, Superman is now a tool of the U.S. military, and crime continues to run rampant in the streets of Gotham. This, of course, forces an aging Bruce Wayne to come out of retirement to kick some ass. And oh yeah, he also gets a new Robin.

When asked about other potential D.C. animated movies, Timm confirms that adapting Alan Moore’s Batman/Batwoman Batgirl story “The Killing Joke” has “been discussed”, but that Alex Ross and Mark Waid’s “Kingdom Come” seems to be out of the realm of possibility. Or as Timm puts it:

[Kingdom Come is] just not made for 2D animation. It’s not a good fit.

Hunh, really? Not entirely sure what he means by “not made” for 2D animation. It’s a comic book, like all the other comic books. What’s so hard about “Kingdom Come”?

Anyways, the thing to take from this is that we’re finally going to get “The Dark Knight Returns”! (Albeit as an animated movie…)