Freaky Little Teaser Poster for Grave Encounters 2

Fact: I’m a notoriously hard person to scare. You can creep me out, and sometimes you can make me nauseous, but scaring me is damn near impossible. So when I sat down to watch the Vicious Brothers found footage freak-out “Grave Encounters”, I wasn’t expecting anything special. Turns out, it’s downright frightening. I’m not sure why the film managed to get under my skin, but it did. I’ve recommended it to numerous people, though, truthfully, I don’t think anyone thought it was nearly as terrifying as I did. Oh, well. What do they know.

Below you’ll find a poster for the upcoming sequel “Grave Encounters 2”, a film I’m more than a little skeptical about. It’s kind of unnecessary, but, then again, if we didn’t have sequels, we wouldn’t have “Terminator 2”. I’m not suggesting that GE2 will be on par with T2, mind. I was just using the film as an example. Oh, forget it.

John Poloquin will direct the flick, which will follow a group of researchers who are investigating the events from the first film. Spookiness ensues. Kind of like “Blair Witch 2”. Kidding!

Via : Shock Till You Drop