Freddy Comes After Katie Cassidy in New Elm Street Clip, Plus New Freddy Pic

Myspace‘s got a new “A Nightmare on Elm Street” remake clip that is Restricted, though to be honest with you, I haven’t a clue why. No one gets gutted, Katie Cassidy doesn’t show off the goods, and basically, nothing “age-restricted” happens, unless you consider creepy ass kids singing that “one, two, Freddy’s coming to get you” song to be too horrific for minors. In any case, it sure looks like Katie Cassidy’s character Kris spends the entire movie having bad nightmares about Freddy.

Nancy, Kris, Quentin, Jesse and Dean all live on Elm Street. At night, they’re all having the same dream–of the same man, wearing a tattered red and green striped sweater, a beaten fedora half-concealing a disfigured face and a gardener’s glove with knives for fingers. And they’re all hearing the same frightening voice…

One by one, he terrorizes them within the curved walls of their dreams, where the rules are his, and the only way out is to wake up. But when one of their number dies a violent death, they soon realize that what happens in their dreams happens for real, and the only way to stay alive is to stay awake. Turning to each other, the four surviving friends try to uncover how they became part of this dark fairytale, hunted by this dark man. Functioning on little to no sleep, they struggle to understand why them, why now, and what their parents aren’t telling them. Buried in their past is a debt that has just come due, and to save themselves, they will have to plunge themselves into the mind of the most twisted nightmare of all… Freddy Krueger.

Starring Jackie Earle Haley, Rooney Mara, Kyle Gallner, Katie Cassidy, Thomas Dekker, Kellan Lutz, Clancy Brown, Connie Britton, Lia D. Mortensen, Charles E Tiedje, and directed by Samuel Bayer.

Freddy guts some kids April 30, 2010.

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Also, the blokes at Empire‘s got this new juicy pic featuring Freddy’s “only a mother can love” face: