Freddy Doc Never Sleep Again Teaser Trailer

Hooray! Heather Langenkamp is back! The actress will be narrating the new “A Nightmare on Elm Street” documentary, “Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy”, just in time for the franchise’s rebirth starring Jackie Earle Haley as the scarred kid killer. A teaser trailer for the documentary is below for your viewing pleasure.

Says the doc’s co-director Andrew Kasch:

“The Nightmare series has long been regarded as the most high-brow and creative of the mega horror franchises, so our goal is to make a film that reflects those qualities. While His Name Was Jason was campy and off-the-wall, this documentary will offer a serious chronological account of the creative process – the hardships and triumphs behind one of Hollywood’s most iconic characters. Above all else, this is not a fluff or promotional piece for the upcoming remake but rather will focus on the original series of films that began with Wes Craven’s 1984 classic.”