Freddy Krueger 2.0 to Sling That Blade?

Is there a horror movie franchise from the ’70s and ’80s that Michael Bay and company aren’t trying to remake for today’s easily pleased audiences? (Seriously, five installments into the “Saw” franchise, and kids are still lining up? This generation’s gone to hell in a hand basket, I tell ya. Get off my lawn! Ahem. Anyways…) Probably not, but let’s not talk about it too much, we might give these bozos more stupid ideas. Their latest stab at fubarring the childhood memories of horror fiends everywhere is remaking the “Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise, but of course, with a remake of said franchise comes the inevitable question: who puts on the franchise’s signature killer? In this case, teen-slashing, dream-invading, bad pun-cracking Freddy Krueger? How about Billy Bob Thornton?

Well that’s the rumor according to

But who could possibly replace Robert Englund as the iconic rake-handed Freddy Krueger?

How about Oscar-winning actor Billy Bob Thornton? It’s just a rumor at this point — but it was initiated by the original Freddy himself. Robert Englund was on the late night radio show Loveline last week to promote JACK BROOKS, MONSTER SLAYER (and discuss sex, I guess), and was inevitably asked about the NIGHTMARE reboot. And Englund stated that the last gossip he heard was that Thornton could be slipping on the sweater and burn makeup for the role.

So is it possible that the world’s deadliest dream killer will now have a lazy Southern drawl? God, I hope not. This would really suck. Stupid rumor mills.

Billy Bob Thornton as Freddy Krueger