French Transporter 3 Poster is Frenchierific

You can’t keep a good transporter down. Especially when he’s as ripped as Jason Statham. He’s not just a hulking dude with fists of fury, but Frank Martin can also drive with the best of them. Better than the best of them, actually. Station returns to the franchise that made him a bankable action movie star, and this time he’s joined by Prison Break’s Robert Knepper as the heavy. Olivier Megaton takes over directing chores for the departed Louis Leterrier, who had taken over directing chores for the departed Corey Yuen. Uber French movie producer Luc Besson and his partner Robert Mark Kamen wrote the script.

What to expect from the third installment? Probably a lot of driving, a lot of punching, and if we’re lucky, Statham will take off his shirt and give the ladies the vapors. The film is scheduled for a November 26, 2008 opening. Man, they sure cranked this one out fast, didn’t they? Wasn’t it just months ago that it was announced? Seems like it.

Anyways, here’s “The Transporter 3” French movie poster via:

The Transporter 3 Movie Poster