French Zombies Attack in The Horde Clip

When foreigners take a stab at an American film genre like zombies, my curiosity is always piqued. The Japanese tend to go a little nuts with their zombies, and the Europeans usually go for the laughs. The latest zombie epic from France, “The Horde” is straight up horror. Check out a two and a half minute clip from the movie that has surfaced online.

“The Horde” pits cops and gangsters trapped in a building against a growing horde of zombies trying to make their way inside. Starring a bunch of French people you’ve never heard of, and directed by Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher, who also wrote the screenplay. Via Allocine.

The film is due out in France February 10, 2010, so don’t expect a Stateside release (probably on DVD) until then.