Fresnadillo Briefly Talks the Highlander Reboot


Highlander Movie PosterI mention in my review of Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s “Intruders” that I was somewhat surprised the supernatural thriller is actually only his third film, because it just feels like I’ve been hearing about Fresnadillo for so long. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s been attached to so many high-profile films since “28 Weeks Later”, which was actually his second movie in the span of 10 years (with 2001’s “Intacto” being his first movie).

Fresnadillo is now attached to direct the “Highlander” reboot for Summit now that Justin Lin has taken a flyer on it. But if you ask Fresnadillo, that gig isn’t a sure thing, either. When asked if the reboot will indeed be his next (and fourth) movie, he said this:

Probably. I wouldn’t say with total security that it’s going to be, because you never know in this industry. But I’m working on that and I’m so excited because I think there is a theme in that movie that really touches me. Again, the connection between the supernatural and the human side, immortality as a curse.

I would really, really like to see how Fresnadillo approaches a “Highlander” film, with its sword action and, I think, a really good story about living forever and not necessarily having a ball doing it. While I wasn’t a complete fan of Fresnadillo’s “28 Weeks Later”, I think that was more the fault of the script, which just kept killing off people right and left without rhyme or reason. Plus, I was never a big fan of the original Boyle film either, so there was that.

A Fresnadillo-helmed “Highlander” film, on the other hand? Man, I could really get into this one. God knows the franchise has nowhere else to go but UP.

Pilar Lopez de Ayala and Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo in Intruders (2011) Movie Image

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  • Dedpool

    I’m with you. They really glossed over the immortal thing in the films. The movie did a better job of showing how it messes with them. I’d really like to see how they spin this.

  • Seel75

    New highlander flick? hmm one of THE Movies of my youth.
    Cant wait, hope Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert will have a Guest appereance.

    On the other hand, Lambert was in so many crappy movies (most of them were highlander sequels), maybe it will effect the reboot in a negative way.

  • John Smith

    Highlander captured perfectly the elements of immortality: the adventure, the humor, the human connections, the loss of loved ones and that feeling of burning out near the end like it wasn’t worth it. I hope these themes will be shown in the new film.