Friday Night Light’s Scott Porter Lands on Nomads

Fans of “Friday Night Lights” will remember Scott Porter as Jason Street, the small-town Texas high school football star who, in the show’s first episode, was injured and spent the rest of the show in a wheelchair. How’s that for a curve ball? Besides being an alum of “FNL”, Porter is also one of many young names rumored to be testing for Marvel Studios’ “Captain America” movie. Which makes his casting as one of the male leads in the CW’s action-adventure show “Nomads” interesting — does this mean he didn’t get the Marvel gig?

“Nomads” is a new show by Ken Sanzel and producers Ridley and Tony Scott, and follows a group of nearly broke young American backpackers in Europe who agree to earn money by working secret missions for the CIA. Now that’s what I call a part-time job!

I hear football is extremely popular in Europe. Sweet, cause I love football.