Friday the 13th Remake Finds its New Jason

Michael Bay’s planned remake of “Friday the 13th” landed its leading man a few days ago with Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki, and now it’s found its Jason Voorhees — a stuntman named Derek Mears (pictured, left). Not surprisingly, Mears, with that, um, face (no offense, Derek), has spent time on TV and movies playing prisoners, werewolves, and cannibalistic mountain dwellers. Now he’ll pick up the hatchet and go to town on some horny teens at Crystal Lake. Hey, they had it coming, anyway.


This morning we received exclusive intel – which has been confirmed – that Derek Mears (picture inside; The Hills Have Eyes 2, Cursed) is in final talks to play Jason Voorhees in the remake of Friday the 13th for Platinum Dunes, New Line Cinema, MTV and Paramount Pictures. We have also been informed that he is in fact going to be the new Jason, it’s just a matter of time until everything is finalized.

Marcus Nispel will direct, with a release date set for February 13, 2009. Oooh, how clever.

Derek Mears is the New Jason