Friday the 13th Remake Official Trailer

You can’t keep a good machete-wielding masked maniac down. Jason Voorhees is on the loose again, and he’s looking to chop up a couple of nice, young, nubile, and preferably very nekkid 20-something actresses masquerading as teens in the “Friday the 13th” remake, coming soon to a theater near you. Yesterday we posted a teaser trailer that was shown at the Scream 2008 Awards, and today the powers that be have released the official trailer for the remake. This isn’t the same one shown at the Awards show, but a new version, complete with motherly (and very helpful, I might add) voiceover.

Returning to the story that started it all, this “re-imagining” of the original Friday The 13th heads back to summer camp where a mysterious killer is systematically slaughtering the teenage camp counselors.

Crazy, horny teenage camp counselors. Won’t they ever learn?