Friday the 13th Remake Slashes Box Office Records

$42.4 million. That’s how much Platinum Dunes’ remake of “Friday the 13th” took in at the box office in its debut weekend. That’s more than any horror movie has opened in, like, ever. Hard to believe, but horror movies just don’t open that big, even the gimmicky “Saw” films on Halloween, when you’d think its audience was ready and prime for a horror show. The previous record holder was the remake of “The Grudge”, which opened just south of $40 million. Obviously, you know what this means: producers will be snatching up every little dinky horror movie they can find from the ’70s and ’80s to remake.

Last week’s #1, the romcom “He’s Just Not That Into You” landed at second place with $19.6 million, while Liam Neeson’s actioner “Taken” remains strong at #3 with another $19 million, good for a three-week total of almost $78 million. I haven’t checked the record books or anything, but I’m almost sure this is the best a Luc Besson movie has performed in the States.

Other newcomers “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and “The International” landed at fourth and seventh place, respectively, with the Tom Twyker international crime thriller taking in a measly $10 million at the box office, and Jerry Bruckheimer’s detour from explosions, the romcom “Shopaholic” managing $15 million.

Here’s how the Top 10 at the box office broke down over the weekend (via):

1 ——Friday the 13th (2009) ——$42,245,000 ——$42,245,000
2 ——He’s Just Not That Into You ——$19,610,000 —— $55,078,000
3 ——Taken ——$19,250,000 ——$77,925,000
4 ——Confessions of a Shopaholic ——$15,406,000 ——$15,406,000
5 ——Coraline ——$15,323,000 ——$35,585,000
6 ——Paul Blart: Mall Cop ——$11,700,000 ——$110,515,000
7 ——The International ——$10,000,000 ——$10,000,000
8 ——The Pink Panther 2 ——$9,000,000 ——$22,321,000
9 ——Slumdog Millionaire ——$7,150,000 ——$86,546,000
10 ——Push ——$6,931,000 ——$19,325,000