Friday the 13th Remake Teaser Trailer

If you were watching something called the Scream 2008 Awards last night, then you might have caught the first-ever broadcast of the teaser trailer for the “Friday the 13th” remake. In the remake, 20-something people go into a dark cabin and get sliced and diced by some dude in a hockey mask. I think the 20-somethings also have sex in the lake and surrounding woods. If we’re lucky, anyway. Anyhoo, teaser trailer for the “Friday the 13th” remake, brought to you by the same people who gave us the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake. Up next, a live-action remake of the classic, “Popeye: The Spinach Strikes Back” episode.

Whitney (Amanda Righetti), Clay (Jared Padalecki), Mike (Nick Mennell), Jenna (Danielle Panabaker), Trent (Travis VanWinkle) and other young adults end up exploring the old Camp Crystal Lake (made famous by the original 1980 film). Soon enough however their seemingly fun weekend turns into a nightmare when each one finds themselves hunted down by a machete weilding maniac known as Jason Voorhees (Derek Mears).

Directed by Marcus Nispel, who also helmed the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake. Jason and company hacks their way to the big screen January 2009.