Friday the 13th Sequel Could Be a Found Footage Flick


Friday the 13th (2009) Movie Image

Do you know what’s worse than the possibility of another “Friday the 13″ flick? Another “found footage” movie. Put the two together and you’re ready for the end of the genre. Wasn’t this sort of collaboration predicted in The Bible? I think it’s in there somewhere.

Proving that they have absolutely no idea what horror fans want these days, the producers behind the proposed “Friday the 13th” sequel are seriously thinking about making the next installment a “found footage” picture. Apparently they haven’t seen “Halloween: Resurrection.” In short: It’s a terrible idea. All the way around.

From what I’ve read, producers are presently taking pitches for the follow-up to director Marcus Nispel’s seriously misguided remake. There’s also a chance that this whole “found footage” report could be nothing more than a stupid internet rumor. Then again, it may not. To be honest, I’m really trying not to think about it.

It’s currently unknown when the “Friday the 13th” sequel will hit the big screen. If producers decide to venture into the well-worn “found footage” genre, then this could be the end of the franchise as we know it. I’m actually not so sure that’s a bad thing.

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Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Kal-El-1983

    I preferred the remake myself…

    • Juggernaut

      The remake was awesome! It incorporated every aspect of the first four films in a nice little package.

  • KOR

    Yeah the reboot was good stop bashing it for no reason! But the found footage idea is not good.

    • Kal-El-1983

      yea I hope that is just a rumor too.

  • Chris Crum

    Wasn’t the reboot supposed to take the franchise away from all the stupid gimmicks?

    • Kal-El-1983

      which it did…I found the new Jason to be more menacing but if they go this route it will be a disaster. I wouldn’t be opposed to some found footage appearing in the film but not being the film.

      • Chris Crum

        That was the best part about it, but the rest of the movie failed to capture the right tone in my opinion. Either way, going to found footage would immediately return the franchise to the pitfalls it was supposed to be rescued from.

      • Dedpool

        Yeah I actually think using the found footage within the film would work, like it’s how the public or whatever are alerted to more killings.

        • Kal-El-1983

          considering the advent of social media not only since the orginals but it’s even more since the remake came out. A victim could have easily caught Jason on some kind of live stream.

          • Dedpool

            My thoughts exactly. Like the way they wove that into Incredible Hulk and again in SHIELD.

          • Chris Crum

            I guess the close-up shot of Jason from part 5 in the newspaper clipping would make more sense in the social media/smartphone age.

  • Lexavi80

    They gotta stop revealing all the killings in the trailer. Gee!

  • Juggernaut

    They also sorta did this angle already in the one segment of V/H/S. Same premise.

  • Invader Dim

    Don’t do found footage, no Jason fan cares about found footage, we want practical fx, serious gore, sex, drugs, camping and a lake, that’s the formula for a successful Jason movie. No space, no found footage …