Fright Night Remake Adds Doctor Who and Red Mist

The new Las Vegas-based “Fright Night” remake has added two more victims to its cast, with former “Doctor Who” David Tennant (left) filling the Roddy McDowall role as a horror has-been who teen Charlie (Anton Yelchin) recruits to battle his vampire neighbor (to be played by Colin Farrell). In the remake, Tennant’s Peter Vincent will be a horror-themed Las Vegas magician instead of a washed up horror movie actor, but he will remain just as hapless and ill-equipped to deal with a real vampire threat.

Meanwhile, Christopher Mintz-Plasse (below), last seen battling alongside Kick Ass in Matthew Vaughn’s “Kick Ass”, will once again play sidekick to Yelchin’s Charlie. When the friendship sours, Mintz-Plasse’s Evil Ed character joins up with Farrell’s vampire neighbor. Yeah, that’ll show him, kid!

Toni Collette was previously cast as the disbelieving adult aka Charlie’s mom. Craig Gillespie is directing the remake for Dreamworks.

'So yeah, I'm becoming a vampire. You got a problem with that, Paul Rudd?'