Fright Night Remake Gets a Leading Lady

British actress Imogen Poots, last seen in the teen slasher “Chatroom” and Neil Marshall’s “Centurion” (and before that, she was fleeing zombies — ahem, excuse me, infected — in “28 Weeks Later”) has signed on as the female lead in Dreamworks’ remake of the 1980s horror/comedy, set to by Craig Gillespie. Yup, the little lady has done grown up.

Poots will play the girlfriend of Anton Yelchin’s nerdy horror movie freak who believes his new next door neighbor (played by Colin Farrell) is actually a vampire, and has been feeding on the neighborhood hotties. Poots recently co-starred with “Kick Ass’s” Aaron Johnson in “Chatroom”, which gives her one degree of separation from her “Fright Night” co-star Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who co-starred with Johnson in “Kick Ass”. See how that works?

Also in the cast: former “Doctor Who” David Tennant as a Vegas magician who helps the lad expose his neighbor’s vampiric habits and Toni Collette as the boy’s disbelieving mother.

Though the remake is set in Las Vegas, the film will start shooting this summer in New Mexico. It’s called the magic of Hollywood, people.