Fright Night Sequel Headed for Direct-to-DVD

Fright Night (2011) Movie PosterApparently while $41 million worldwide box office from a $30 million dollar budget (not to mention the dollars that usually go into promoting a heavy studio title like “Fright Night”) would never be considered a “hit” in any universe, it’s enough to consider a sequel. Or at least, one that’s destined to head straight-to-DVD, which seems to be where the sequel to the recently rebooted “Fright Night” horror flick is headed.

Horror site STYD says they’re hearing that the sequel is already in the works, and even has a director in Eduardo Rodriguez lined up. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Rodriguez was responsible for not one, but two After Dark Action films from earlier in the year, the Dolph Lundgren actioner “Stash House” and the Scott Adkins actioner “El Gringo”. The latter movie is way better than the former, in case you were thinking about picking them up.

This direct-to-DVD sequel won’t be a continuation of the 2011 reboot, we’re told, but will instead feature a new, standalone story, with shooting expected to commence in Romania sometime soon. Obviously you shouldn’t expect to see Colin Farrell back as the vampire next door, or Anton Yelchin as the teenager with everything at stake. Or stakes. Get it? Ahem.

I thought the reboot was pretty fun, though kind of pointless. Did it deserve a sequel? Especially one that has nothing to do with the remake? Probably not.

Of course, studios making sequels to moderately successful films and dumping them with little fanfare onto DVD is nothing new, but I don’t think you could even call the “Fright Night” remake “moderately successful”, especially if you piled up all the publicity dollars they spent on this thing last year. But hey, that’s why they’re running movie studios, and I’m not.

Imogen Poots in Fright Night (2011) Movie Image