Frightfest 2010

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Frightfest – the world’s best horror movie festival (well, according to me at least) – is back in London this year from 26th – 30th August for a huge celebration of all things disgusting. This year sees world premieres of “Hatchet II” (with Adam Green, Kane Hodder and Danielle Harris all in attendance), “The Dead”, “13 Hours”, “Isle of Dogs”, “F”, “Primal” and “Dead Cert” as well as exclusive screenings of “I Spit on Your Grave” (remake), “A Serbian Film”, “Burning Bright”, “Monsters” and “The Last Exorcism”. Basically, it’s going to be fucking amazing so you need to buy your tickets if you can. Which you can’t – for the whole festival anyway, because full weekend and day passes have sold out. BUT! Individual film tickets are still available – so all is not lost.

If you can’t get there, I’ll be trying my hardest to review my favourites (or the ones that I bloody well hated) once the festival is over. Hopefully I’ll be able to ask Danielle Harris if she wants to be my girlfriend too. Fingers crossed.

So if you fancy some Frightfest action, head on over to the website here and grab some of the last remaining tickets. Sorry I’ve been so late in posting this but I had to eat a sandwhich or have my haircut or some shit.

What you'll look like if you miss any of the films this year.

Author: Gazz Ogden

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  • zombiejen

    Hopefully, Next year for me. Every year the line-up of films are just as KILLER. Hatchet Army!