From Iron to Bronze (and a Lotta Green): Shane Black’s Doc Savage Movie is a Go

Iron Man 3 Premiere

Shane Back was originally attached to write and direct a new big-screen version of “Doc Savage” way back in 2010, but nothing really happened with the project as far as I know. Flash-forward to three years later, and “Iron Man 3” is on its way to making a $1 billion buckaroos at the box office by the time it finishes up its run.

Doc Savage Comic Book CoverTo no one’s surprise, Doc Savage is now back on the front burner for Sony/Columbia, the studio that currently owns the property, and who Black was working with back in 2010 to develop the character.

Trade news has the writer/director of “Iron Man 3” (who really got his big break writing the first two “Lethal Weapon” movies) officially signing on the bottom line to write and direct “Doc Savage” as his next movie. That’s the big announcement as of now. I suspect more will be forthcoming soon.

Doc Savage, aka Clark Savage, Jr. , was originally created in the ’30s as a pulp hero, a renaissance man who did pretty much everything and anything, including saving the world countless times from evil-doers, creatures, and other assorted menaces. It was kind of ridiculous how much of a superman this guy was.

Ron Ely previously played the character in 1975’s “Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze”, torn shirt and all. It was, er, kind of goofy. I mean, just check out the original trailer below. I think they realized the goofiness of the character and just “went with it”.

Via : Deadline