Fuhgeddabout The Sopranos Movie, Already. Sheesh.

SopranosWhile attending the screening of his directorial debut “The Hungry Ghosts” in New York City, someone armed with an entertainment blog had the balls to ask “The Sopranos” veteran Michael Imperioli about the rumors surrounding a possible big-screen version of the popular HBO series. His answer, of course, was a resounding “No.” Of course, this mean absolutely nothing, as things change at the drop of a hat deep within the heart of the Great Hollywood Money Machine. The thing that bothers me the most about this particular piece of fleeting entertainment news isn’t the fact that the movie isn’t going to happen — it’s the fact that someone felt the need to inquire about “The Sopranos” when Imperioli was there to promote a completely unrelated project. Heaven forbid they ask questions that actually pertain to “The Hungry Ghosts.”

Here’s an idea: When you’re hired to cover a movie for a reputable magazine, it might be in your best interest to focus on that particular movie, not the previous productions the director/actors have tackled in the past. It’s tacky, it’s rude, and you’re not going to make any friends. And let’s face it: You need all of the friends you can possibly get.

Expect “The Sopranos” movie to bow theatrically as soon as all other career-related avenues have been explored by the show’s cast. In other words, about two or three years.