Full 12-Minute Extended Trailer for Battlefield 3

If you’re like and you’ve been following all the trailers and videos for Electronic Arts’ “Battlefield 3”, then you’ve probably been eating everything up with a big ol spoon and begging for more. Well here’s a lot more — it’s more of the same, but fully extended with some incredible gameplay graphics. I’m not a really big fan of crawling through vents and “hand fighting” game characters in a shooting game, but all that street action should more than make up for what will probably be a couple of scenes of crawling and “push this button to punch” type of gameplay. I’m hoping, anyway.

“Battlefield 3”, utilizing the Frostbite 2 gaming engine, explodes on all the gaming consoles December 31, 2011. Until then, check out this full 12-minute extended trailer for the game. If you’re not slobbering by the time you’re ordered to mount the technical and start unleashing hell on a city block, then this game — or any game that requires a pulse — isn’t for you.