Full Trailer and a New Poster for Wilson Yip’s Magic to Win

Magic to Win (2011) Movie PosterEven if you think “Magic to Win” resembles something you might find stuck to your dog’s rump, you’ve got to admit that it looks pretty insane. Colorful spells, levitating apples, fantastical tomfoolery — it’s the sort of visually overstimulated nonsense that makes for an entertaining albeit wholly mindless experience. It looks like a damn good time, and when I sit down with a picture like this, that’s pretty much all I’m searching for.

Here’s a long synopsis. Read it:

The world is constituted of five elements: gold, wood, water, fire and earth. In the wizard world of Magic to Win, the story revolves around the “Five Element Wizardry”, portraying a story that surpasses our imagination. Hong Sum-Kwai, a university professor, is also the wizard of water. Although he casts magic spells in daily life, his abilities power remains a secret. Then by accident, his power is transmitted to his student, Macy, bringing an enchanting and meaningful adventure to this ordinary girl. The magical world has been peaceful until But Yeh-Mo, wizard of fire, finds the key to time travel in a bid of rewriting an important incident in his past — gathering the magical power of the five elements. When he asked Ling Fung, his newly met buddy as well as the wizard of earth, to give him a hand, Ling disagrees because changing the past can cause huge sacrifice. The two friends fall out. In attempt to stop But, Ling informs the other wizards about his dangerous plan. However, he is attacked by But and launches a magic battle in the library. Seriously injured, Ling becomes an invisible “particle man” without memory.

“Magic to Win”, which stars Yan Ni, Louis Koo, Wu Jing, Raymond Wong, and Wu Chun, opens on December 1st, 2011. The trailer rests below. If you discover that you love everything you see in the clip, try not to be too hard on yourself. This sort of thing happens to best of us.

Via : Film Smash