Full Trailer and Pics for Francesc Morales’s Humanimal

Check out some new images and the full trailer for Francesc Morales’s “Humanimal.” It’s, er, very odd. But then again, you like odd, don’t you? Well, don’t you?

From the Official Site:

Humanimal is a surrealist drama with no dialog whose main characters are portrayed by actors dressed as animals.

After being abandoned by his only friend, Turtle becomes obsessed with becoming a person to compete for Cat’s affection.

The movie stars Ramón Llao, Jenny Cavallo, Sebastián Layseca, Cecilia Levi, Cristobal Tapia-Montt, Francisco Gormaz, Felipe Avello, Jimena Núñez, among others.

The movie is currently looking for film festivals to be premiered.

Get a load of the full trailer and pics below. You’ll never look at your pets the same way again.