Full Trailer for 14 Blades Slashes Online

Whatsammata, that teaser trailer for “14 Blades” we posted yesterday not enough for ya? You say you want more Donnie Yen killing people with all manner of blades and Sammo Hung being Sammo Hung? Well dang, ain’t you the lucky one, cause a 3-minute trailer for Daniel Lee’s “14 Blades” just popped up online. Unfortunately it’s still in Chinese, so you probably won’t get any of the plot. Mind you, not that that should stop you from wallowing in the film’s potential badassery. Thanks to reader Rick for the heads up.

Starring Donnie Yen, Wei Zhao, Chun Wu, Yuwu Qi, Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, Kuan Tai Chen, Chen Zhi Hui, Ma Wu, Damian Lau, Kate Tsui, Kar-Ying Law, Xiang Dong Xu, and directed by Daniel Lee.