Full Trailer for a Little Bit Zombie Goes a Long Way

Kristopher Turner, Shawn Roberts, Krystal Lowe, and Kristen Hager in A Little Bit Zombie (2012) Movie Image

Getting married is tough. Getting married after you’ve been bitten by a zombie mosquito is tougher. Yes, I said it. A zombie mosquito. Or a mosquito that has been zombie-fied. Or something like that. What am I, a mosquito zombie expert? Anyways, check out the full trailer for Casey Walker’s “A Little Bit Zombie” (Todd posted a teaser for it last year), a horror-comedy that actually looks funny. Not so sure about the zombie portion of the film, though, since most of that is played for laughs. The downside of being a zombie? Well, it’s that whole decaying and potentially eating your fiancee’s delicious brains part. The upside? Getting hit in the gonads by car doors no longer hurt. Much.

Infected by a virus during his bachelor party, a mild mannered HR manager attempts to fulfill his overwhelming desire for brains and avoid Max, the obsessed Zombie Hunter hot on his trail. All while keeping it together so as not to incur the wrath of his Bridezilla-to-be.

Starring Stephen McHattie, Shawn Roberts, Kristopher Turner, Crystal Lowe, Kristen Hager, Emilie Ullerup, Robert Maillet, and George Buza.

Keep track of the film at its official site or on Facebook for you social-minded types.

Note: The trailer below is a tad Red Band-ish due to a couple of F-bombs.

A Little Bit Zombie (2012) Movie Poster