Full Trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Finally Frags Online

I was looking for this full trailer for Treyarch’s latest “Call of Duty” title “Black Ops” during the Celtics-Magic game last night, but apparently I missed it. Kinda like how the Magics missed all their hows. Hey-yo! Anyways. No worries, though, since the trailer has now appeared everywhere on YouTube.

The setting for “Black Ops” is definitely the Vietnam War, though in the trailer, which is mostly cinematic cut-scenes and what looks like a couple of gameplay moments, the action moves on to some snowy mountains and where you have to take out some very not-Vietnamese looking soldiers. I’m guessing the game will start out during the Vietnam War, but then progress to another war setting.

In any case, “Black Ops” frags your ass in retail stores everywhere November 9, 2010. Hopefully Treyarch will have all the glitches solved before they release the game this time around. Man, if I had a buck every time some douche bag was hiding underneath the map shooting at me as I played multiplayer online, I’d be richer than Bill Gates right now. Okay, maybe not Bill, but at least his little brother, Roy Gates, who sells fruits down the block from me. Stupid, Roy, he keeps trying to sell me rotten fruit. You silly goose.