Full Trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Coming Soon

Okay, not really the full trailer yet, more like a 16-second tease for the upcoming full trailer, which according to the game’s official YouTube channel, is scheduled to premiere at 8:30pm ET, Tuesday, May 18th during the NBA Eastern Conference Finals on ESPN between Dwight Howard and the Magics vs. The Big Ticket and the Celts. I guess this means the only people who won’t see it will be in Cleveland, seeing as how their team and King James got kicked out off the Playoffs by the Old Men Celtics.

We’ll post the full trailer when it shows up later on May 18th, a scant two days from now. The game itself lands on store shelves everywhere November 9 later this year.

I gotta say, the first shot (the pic above) makes it look like some kind of post-apocalyptic game instead of the Vietnam War-era that we’ve been told it will be. I guess we’ll know more when they release the full trailer. Here’s a glimpse.

Updated: Here’s the full trailer.