Full Trailer for NBC’s New Superhero Show The Cape

It may not be based on any comic book in existence, but NBC’s new superhero show “The Cape” might actually confuse people into thinking it is. At first I didn’t think the hero, a good cop framed and hunted by his city’s uber crooked law, would have any actual powers, but according to this three minutes-plus trailer, he actually does, with the help of some circus types led by the always awesome Keith David. Plus, that cape can do some pretty nifty things (re: it’s very comic book-y), and it helps that our hero knows kung fu. Or at least, it looks like he’s got some chopsr. And oh yeah, Summer Glau. Yow.

The Cape is a one-hour drama series starring David Lyons (ER) as Vince Faraday, an honest cop on a corrupt police force, who finds himself framed for a series of murders and presumed dead. He is forced into hiding, leaving behind his wife, Dana (Jennifer Ferrin, Life on Mars) and son, Trip (Ryan Wynott, Flash Forward). Fueled by a desire to reunite with his family and to battle the criminal forces that have overtaken Palm City, Faraday becomes “The Cape” his son’s favorite comic book superhero — and takes the law into his own hands.

Starring David Lyons, Jennifer Ferrin , Ryan Wynott, Dorian Missick , Anil Kumar, Summer Glau, James Frain, and Martin Klebba. The pilot co-stars movie bad guy Vinnie Jones as, what else, the pilot’s bad guy.

Fear the cape something in 2011 on NBC.