Full Trailer for the Japanese Action Flick Dog X Police

This ain’t your grandmother’s K-9 unit, pal. “Dog X Police” isn’t messing around. Instead of playing to the suburban breeders by overloading their flick with an abundance of cutesy dog-related action, the balls-out canine adventure opts to blow up our furry little friends, instead. Although you may scoff at the very thought of a serious-minded motion picture centered around a Japanese K-9 unit, take a peek at the embedded trailer before you jump to conclusions. I think it could be fun, regardless of how silly the whole premise may appear.

A quick synopsis before continuing:

Yusaku (Hayato Ichihara) was dreaming of being a detective.However, he was assigned to a team handling security dogs…There, he meets an albino dog, Shiro, who was born weak. People say that he never can be a security dog, but Yusaku chooses him as his buddy, and starts to train hard.One day, a big terrorist act occurs, and they try to hunt down the terrorist.

“Dog X Police” opens on October 1st, 2011 in Japan. The aforementioned trailer, meanwhile, is begging and drooling for attention. Throw it a bone.

Source: Filmsmash