Full Trailer for the South Korean Action/Thriller Troubleshooter (aka Trapped)

I’ve been following director Kwon Hyuk-jae’s forthcoming action/thriller “Troubleshooter” since I posted the teaser trailer back in July. Although there’s certainly no shortage of Korean thrillers these days, there’s something about this particular endeavor that has caused it to wedged itself deep within the folds of my demented little brain. Not surprisingly, the appearance of the first legit, full-bodied trailer is cause for much jubilation on my side of the pond. The clip appears courtesy of Film Smash, which was kind enough to post this exciting, action-packed preview for the entire world to behold.

As always, here’s the synopsis:

Tae-sik is a private eye who would do anything for money. One day, he gets a call from a man which changes everything. Unexpectedly trapped in a vast conspiracy, all he has is 24 hours to solve the situation.

“Troubleshooter” — or “Trapped”, if you prefer — will hit South Korean theaters this September.