Full Trailer for Yuichi Fukuda’s Kid’s Police Doesn’t Skimp on the Action

Kid's Police (2013) Movie Image

Although a lot of people may be offended by director Yuichi Fukuda’s “Kid’s Police,” I happen to think it looks like a hefty slice of fun. Watching kids run around with pistols and shotguns is a little insensitive, yes, but it’s all in the name of mindless entertainment. That said, chances are this one isn’t coming to the States anytime soon. You’ll soon understand why.

“Kid’s Police” (aka “Kodomo Keisatsu”) is based on the television series of the same name. And while I’m not sure if the you need to be familiar with the program to enjoy the movie, I honestly don’t care. The embedded trailer has whetted my appetite for pint-sized cinematic shenanigans involving cops and robbers. The clip may not be overly impressive at first, but stick around for the finale. I think it could be worth a watch.

Here’s what the movie is all about:

Detectives in the special investigation team in Kanagawa go after criminal organization “Red Venius,” based out of Yokohama. While pursuing the gang, the detectives turn into children due to exposure to a special gas. Dekachou and the other detectives continue their investigation via an order from the National Police Agency. “Red Venius” then gives notice that they will they will assassinate the President of Tadzhikistan in Japan.

“Kid’s Police” will be out in Japan on March 20, 2013. To be perfectly honest, I would be very surprised if this thing ever found its way to the States at any point in the near future. The aforementioned trailer has been embedded below.

Via : AsianWiki