Funko Pop!’s Ridiculously Cute Horror Line, Including Ash and Chucky

Every now and then I’ll run across these Funko Pop! dolls/action figures/bobbleheads/whatever you want to call them at a store and have to stop to peruse for a bit. Then I have to try to justify buying one of them, cause let’s face it, a grown man buying something as horrifically adorable as a Funko Pop! just NEEDS explanation when you put them down at the cash counter, ya know?

Anyways, Funko Pop! recently released some pretty cute/terrifyingly adorable new figures just in time for Halloween. (Which was, yes, I know, yesterday.) Check them out below.

Who wouldn’t want a chainsaw-wielding “Army of Darkness” Ash? Or a Deadite? Or Pennywise the Clown from “It”? You could buy Pennywise and make up your own ending to “It”! God knows it’ll probably be a thousand times better than the ending Stephen King wrote. I mean, giant spider. What the hell, Stephen?

All the figures will be available this month for $9.99 apiece. Awesome Toyz currently have them up for pre-order if you’d rather avoid the awkward stares at the cash register.

Funko Pop - Ash

Funko Pop - Deadite

Funko Pop - Ghostface

Funko Pop - Pennywise

Funko Pop - Sam

Funko Pop - Chucky

Funko Pop - Captain Spaulding