Full Furry Trailer for the South Korean Killer Wolf Flick Howling

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Song Kang-ho in The Howling (2011) Movie Image

Much like Liam Neeson in Joe Carnahan’s “The Grey”, I’m very interested in watching Song Kang-ho square off against a blood-thirsty “wolfdog” in director Yoo Ha’s “Howling”. In fact, I think filmmakers around the world should create an entire subgenre devoted to fighting wolves. I can see it now: Jean-Claude Van Damme fighting wolves inside a nature reserve, Danny Boyle pitting an all-star cast against a pack of escaped circus wolves in a post-apocalyptic universe — the possibilities are truly endless. But enough about that.

Here’s what you can expect story-wise from this one:

An action drama, where the truth of a ‘wolfdog’ related to the case reveals itself to ‘Sang-gil’, a veteran crime squad detective who is investigating a series of murders through natural combustion, and newly appointed female detective ‘Eun-young’ (Lee Na-young).

“Howling” opens on February 9th, 2012. Here’s hoping that a neverending stream of sequels, spin offs, and knock-offs aren’t too far behind. I’m just saying — Danny DeVito fighting wolves with Rhea Perlman inside a biosphere. Think about it.

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