Fury Road Has 130 Cars And 298 Real Stunts

Here’s some good news for people who like things that are completely awesome. George Miller is working on his long awaited “Mad Max: Fury Road” with Tom Hardy from “Bronson” and “Inception” as a young Max. That’s great news, but everyone already knew that. But Cameron Taylor, a Transmoto Magazine test rider, and stuntman in the film, let it slip that “Fury Road” has “130 cars and bikes and 298 stunts!”

Taylor goes on to say

With Stephen Gall orchestrating the bike side of the stunt program, there’s Yamaha YZ250s; R1s with super-long swingarms, knobbies and beefed-up suspension; and Tenere 650s will insane paint jobs. They’re going all out on this.

I don’t know what all of that technical stuff means, but the phrase, “They’re going all out on this,” when uttered in conjunction with a “Mad Max” film, is enough to get my overactive imagination going.

The idea of “Fury Road” was pretty exciting to begin with, but when you add to that the fact that they’re using, and wrecking, real cars, giddiness begins to set in. They’re relying on real stuntmen, real explosions, and real crashes, which is a huge part of what makes the original “Mad Max” films so good. Instead of CGI, green screens, and cop outs, they show actual cars, actually crashing, something that modern action cinema sorely lacks. It sounds like Miller and company are doing this right. So if you weren’t amped for “Fury Road” already, you might want to consider it.