FX’s Powers to Undergo Retooling

Jason Patric in Powers TV SeriesThat doesn’t sound good, does it? “Retooling”? Maybe if they said reshoots, it would have sounded better. A lot of shows and movies go through reshoots to fix a little issue here or there, or to add something to make the story a little clearer. No biggie. Sometimes it benefits the finished product. But “re-tooling”? That means something is wrong that needs to be fixed, or why else use such strong, active language? Then again, I could be reading too much into this.

In any case, the FX channel’s suits apparently didn’t quite like what they saw when they took a gander at the pilot episode for their superhero drama “Powers”. As a result, the network has ordered the show back for “re-tooling”. Which means what, exactly? Well, if they don’t like what they see the second time, they might just shut it down, similar to what happened with David E. Kelley’s doomed “Wonder Woman” TV series, and take the loss on the pilot.

Then again, I could be reading too much into this…

“Powers”, based on the comic book series by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, stars Jason Patric as Christian Walker, a cop who deals with crimes involving people with powers. He’s partnered up with Deena Pilgrim (“Bad Teacher’s” Lucy Punch). And for you phone fans, T-mobile girl Carly Foulkes plays Retro Girl in the pilot episode.

Powers Comic Book Cover

Via : THR