Marlon Wayans and G.I. Joe 2 Set to Yuk it up in 2012

Hey, kids, you like last year’s ridiculously cartoony, completely over-the-top, and at times excruciatingly painful “G.I. Joe”: The Rise of Cobra”? (Well plenty of you apparently liked it, since the movie has grossed $302 million worldwide.) You’re in luck! Because according to producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, they are looking at a Summer 2012 release date for the “G.I. Joe” sequel. Now all they have to do is get a script by “Zombieland” writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, re-write the hell out of it, and from there pre-production can commence as soon as Spring 2011. Yay!

I’m being overly silly, of course. “Rise of Cobra” was good clean fun, though I wish it had been a little smarter. Not a lot, mind you, and not that I expected it to solve space-time equations for me, but you know, I do wish it wasn’t completely a brain fart where the script was completely rubbish.

In any case, here’s hoping they’ll do better with a sequel. And of course by “better” I mean kill everyone and make this an entirely one-man operation ala Snake Eyes. Could happen…