G.I. Joe Sequel is a Go, Yo! Aka a Writer is Hired to Write it.

According to Collider, a sequel to last year’s “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” is a go over at Paramount, and as a result a writer has been hired to weave gold out of the turd. Or at least, make it less stinky and clumpy. While the site isn’t surprised the sequel is moving forward, we are. The film was made for $175 million, and when you add in the P&A costs, it doesn’t seem as if the movie’s final $300-ish million return at the box office would have made a sequel a no-brainer. Of course, when you add in merchandising sales and DVDs, maybe there were a couple of million or two that put the film in the black, and in Hollywood, that’s good enough for a sequel.

No word on what the sequel will be called, or if any of the original cast and director Stephen Sommers would return.

Here’s a hint to the mysterious writer that has been hired to write sequel: unless part two is about Snake Eyes, don’t even bother. If I have to sit through another bad Marlon Wayans skit, or Channing Tatum trying to act, someone’s going to get hurt.

Dammit, why I always gotta get stuck with this lesser Wayan guy? I'm Channing Tatum, dammit!