G.I. Joe’s Byung-hun Lee Joins Terminator: Genesis (Probably as the Villain)

Byung Hun Lee in G.I. Joe

I’m just guessing here, but given that South Korean actor Byung-hun Lee has played nothing but villains so far in his Hollywood career (two “G.I. Joe” movies and “Red 2”), I’m gonna say that he’s once again been cast as the villain in Alan Taylor’s upcoming “Terminator: Genesis.” And if it is indeed the villain role, it will likely be the latest Terminator sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor, right?

Of course, that’s all conjecture on my part, but let’s face it, it’s not like Hollywood has a lot of creativity when it comes to casting foreign actors.

Sandrine HoltAnyways, it looks like Byung-hun Lee, along with “Mad Men’s” Michael Gladis and Sandrine Holt (left, currently seen in “House of Cards,” and was previously a co-star on the doomed-from-day-one CBS show “Hostages”), are joining the Alan Taylor film in unspecified roles. Lee’s role is said to be a key role and “a doozy,” whatever that means.

The remake/sequel/re-imagining, we’re told, “aims to be a continuation of the James Cameron classics and is trying to tie all the threads and even take into consideration the time passed.”

They will apparently try to achieve this by addressing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s age head on, which Schwarzenegger himself explained earlier.

Again, Terminator Byung-hun Lee. Mark my words. Maybe he can go shirtless while he’s trying to kill Sarah Connor?

“Terminator: Genesis” will co-star Emilia Clarke as the new Sarah Connor, Jai Courtney as the new Kyle Reese, and Jason Clarke as the new John Connor. Schwarzenegger is expected to reprise the T-800.

Skynet tries to destroy us one more time next year on July 1, 2015.


Via : THR