Gabriel Macht is The Spirit

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Gabriel Macht is The Spirit. Yes, you heard that right. Frank Miller has found his muse, and his name is Gabriel Macht. Chances are you don’t know who Gabriel Macht is. Well, okay, it’s more likely than not that you don’t know who Macht is, which might be one reason why Miller tapped him for the lead role. Besides a relatively unknown actor, Macht is actually a pretty talented guy, and I’ve always noticed him in a number of movies, mostly “guy’s films” like “The Recruit”, “Bad Company”, and more recently for me, “A Love Song for Bobby Long”. I’ve always liked him as an actor, and always wondered why he wasn’t more famous. Well, it appears that’s all about to change!

Macht will play the title character, a man who has faked his own death so he can battle crime from the shadows of Central City. He runs up against the Octopus, a villain who’s bent on wiping out the entire city and kills anyone unlucky enough to see his face.

Besides the upcoming “Spirit”, which Miller has tapped for a 2009 release, Macht can be seen in the upcoming Kate Beckinsale thriller “Whiteout”.

Get ready for fame, Mister Macht! You are about to become immortal in the minds of comic book geeks everywhere!

Gabriel Macht is The Spirit

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