Galactus to Appear in Silver Surfer Movie

I’m not sure why this news about Galactus not only appearing, but being featured in the upcoming Silver Surfer spin-off movie is such big news. Didn’t everyone already know that he would have to appear? You can’t talk about the Surfer, or his transformation from Radd to the Surfer, without not only mentioning Galactus, but showing the Devourer of Worlds and what he can do. That’s basic Silver Surfer, guys.

In any case, J. Michael Straczynski, who will be scripting the Surfer spin-off, talks about Galactus at last week’s WonderCon (via):

“For what the Silver Surfer movie entails Straczynski says it will cover the origin of the character. He said it will feature Galactus, noting that the latest Fantastic Four film held off on showing Galactus to reveal him for this film.”

According to this, “Silver Surfer” will indeed by an Origins Story for the Surfer, which would mean it takes place before the events of “Fantastic Four 2”, which is probably for the best as the sooner we can get the taste of that Godawful movie out of our mouths, the better.

So who is Galactus? Well, he’s this giant space guy with a funky helmet who goes around eating planets. No, really. He does this. Remember, he’s gigantic. To do that, he creates “heralds”, superpowered beings whose sole function is to search for planets for him to eat, since the dude has to eat constantly. One of the planets Galactus sends the Surfer to is, of course, Earth, where he encounters the Fantastic Four.

Behold, Galactus:

Galactus to Appear in Silver Surfer Movie