Game of Thrones on its way to Becoming the Most Pirated Show of 2012

GAME OF THRONES - Season 2 - PosterAs HBO’s “Game of Thrones” chugs along on its merry way, with a handful of new episodes until the Season 2 finale, looks like HBO is about to get another honor — as the most pirated show of 2012. Or at least, that’s if the numbers hold steady for the year. Just midway through its sophomore season, the show is already proving to be a major draw for those who either can’t afford the premium cable channel, or are too cheap to pay for it.

Since its Season 2 premiere in April, “Game of Thrones” has been downloaded a massive 25 million times on Bit Torrent sites, and that doesn’t include all the other ways you crazy kids are downloading your entertainment nowadays. April 30th’s episode, alone, was downloaded a whopping 2.5 million times in one day. That’s a lot of downloadin’ right there, folks. (I guess you could say some people just don’t want to pay the iron price. Ahem.)

Last year, “Game of Thrones” came in second place behind the sixth season of “Dexter”. But that was before the fantasy-action show really took off with fans, and has since become a must-see phenomenon. (Once “The Simpsons” parodies you, you know you’ve made it into the cultural zeitgeist.) So why so much piracy? Apparently because the show isn’t available online at Hulu or Netflix, iTunes only has the first season, and you still have to pay to get the show on HBO’s own online streaming service. Some of the blame falls on HBO, who aren’t exactly going out of their way to make the show available to the masses.

Unless some other show pops up to challenge “Game of Thrones”, the show will end up 2012’s most popular show online. Unfortunately, it’s probably not the kind of popularity that HBO wants, though I suppose they can always take heart in the fact that their show is really, really popular.

It’s ironic, since pirates are starting to factor prominently in the show’s second season, and would continue to do so for the third season. The latest episode, “A Man Without Honor”, premieres this Sunday on HBO.

Richard Madden in GAME OF THRONES

Via : Forbes